About Us

The University of Chichester has a long track record of partnership with schools and substantial proven expertise in education. We have a clear view on how we will develop our Multi-Academy Trust over the next few years.

Vital locally

Our strategic intention is to build a Multi-Academy Trust of approximately twenty to thirty academies in cluster, geographically spread across our partnership area so that the maximum travelling time between any of our academies, in a given cluster, is no more than 30 minutes. These academies will all be good and outstanding and on a journey to excellence. They will be vital in their local community, meeting the challenges of their particular context and ensuring that all their pupils make better than expected levels of progress as a result of consistently excellent teaching. They will be supported by both the academic and professional services of the University and will be working tirelessly to raise aspirations of all children.

Our values underpin this activity

  • Education is a key way to break deprivation – disadvantage cycles in a sustainable way.
  • Excellent schools are vital locally and meet the needs of the children they serve in their community.
  • Education is a people business and requires honesty, integrity, team work and the highest expectations of all.
  • Monitoring, evaluation and decision making needs to be informed by accurate information from a breadth of sources.

Our objective is to improve educational outcomes for children and young people through our MAT or by working in partnership with other local schools and organisations.  We seek to achieve this by:

  • Identifying and developing a family of approximately 20-30 well-matched, successful and ultimately outstanding academies, operating in meaningful cluster, in the University of Chichester Academy Trust partnership area within the next ten years
  • Utilising  the resources available, we will provide  the highest quality learning environment for students and staff, with the very best teaching, support and equipment
  • Delivering a broad and balanced curriculum within and outside of core hours, along with high quality care, guidance and support, centred on the needs of our children and young people and the communities within which they live
  • Ensuring that our academies are at the heart of their local community, nurturing and nurtured by positive local and strategic partnerships with parents and the local community, other schools, providers and local, regional and national stakeholders.

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