Guiding what we do

The Vision of the University of Chichester Academy Trust  is for all young people to be inspired by an excellent education that raises their aspirations and enriches their lives.

Our Mission is to create a vibrant inclusive and aspirational family of academies, transforming life chances for pupils through excellent teaching and learning.

Our Shared values are:

  • Aspirational
  • Inclusive
  • Collaborative
  • Dynamic
  • People-focused
  • Evidence Based

Our aims are to:

  • Promote high aspirations and success for all.
  • Ensure progressive and sustained improvement in standards of education and progress in pupils.
  • Create a learning environment where staff can promote and deliver creative, dynamic, engaging and relevant learning experiences for pupils.
  • Value and support outstanding teaching by encouraging and supporting the continual professional learning of all staff.
  • Support and build leadership and management capacity within and across academies.
  • Develop local learning communities where parents and carers are valued and encouraged to engage in the learning community.
  • Embrace opportunities presented by the new educational landscape in a way that is coherent with our vision, mission and values.
  • Generate levels of surplus sufficient to secure sustainability, support investment in our academies and the deliver our vision.
  • Achieve a shared sense of mission and belonging across our community of schools so that the vision is owned by the whole Trust and understood by our partners.

The University of Chichester Academy Trust seeks to add powerful momentum to the progress of our family of academies through a shared aspirational vision and inclusive ethos. People matter to us and we believe that student progress and the development of outstanding teachers should be at the heart of our work. Our approach is that all schools are different and can take different routes on their journey to excellence.

Introducing the University of Chichester Academy Trust