£12.23 - £13.50 per hour + Annual Leave Entitlement

Located in the heart of Portsmouth, The Flying Bull Academy is proud of its caring ethos, encouraging and supporting children to achieve their full potential. The academy is a positive and active place to work and we are looking to appoint a Clerk to Governors to join our successful team of professional services staff.  We believe that success here is built on strong relationships between everyone involved in the academy.

The Local Governing Body comprise volunteers who undertake a vital role to ensure the effective governance of your local school, to provide high quality education and outcomes for our children.  To enable the Governing Body to be fully effective you will provide advice and guidance and administrative and organisational support to the Chair and the Local Governing Body to ensure their understanding and compliance within a legal and regulatory framework for schools.  

We do not necessarily expect you to have worked as a Clerk to a Governing Body previously. You will receive access to a wealth of resources to enable you to inform and provide advice and guidance to the local governing body.  In addition, there is a national training programme for Clerks that leads to a National Certificate you can access. 

You will have some flexibility in your working hours, as you only need to attend school for the scheduled meetings; typically, there will be up to 10 local governing body meetings per year.

Please email your completed application form to the school cnaughton@fbacademy.co.uk or send by post.