Year 5 pupils at Kingsham Primary School in Chichester have been developing their art skills this term by working with student ‘artists-in-residence’ from the Fine Art department at the University of Chichester.

Students April Jackson and Morgan Ward have worked with one Year 5 class every Monday morning this term, training the children in different art techniques and using a variety of medium from pastels to plaster and paint. The apprentice artists then became ‘the experts’ and passed their skills on to other Year 5 and 6 pupils.

Throughout the project the children have looked at the work of significant artists and then applied their techniques to exciting pieces of work. Every pupil has developed an individual portfolio and the project has culminated in groups of four working together on a larger piece of work using the whole range of skills taught. To conclude the project the children visited the University of Chichester to see their own work on display, as well as the work of the other art students at the University. One child said: ‘We are the luckiest class!’

Rachel Johnston, senior lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Chichester, said: ‘April and Morgan have had a really positive and enjoyable time at Kingsham. They have been able to share their passion for painting with the pupils, working experimentally with materials and process to offer the children new ways of exploring their creativity.’

Assistant Headteacher, Sam Cantini added: ‘Working with the student artists on this project has provided a real context and purpose for the children, taking the required elements of the art and design KS2 curriculum to another level in terms of the children’s knowledge and skill set.

‘The vocabulary they now know demonstrates their understanding of the process of the work and the materials used as well as about colours and how to use them.

‘The results are pretty spectacular!’