The Hoardings are up! University of Chichester Fine Art students and Mill Chase pupils
have collaborated on an exciting art project to design banners for the hoarding boards
outside Mill Chase Academy’s new school site.

The project’s aim was to design art work to enhance the hoardings and provide an
educational presence around the building site of Mill Chase Academy’s new school building
on Budds Lane, Bordon in Hampshire. The project was a great opportunity for collaborative
activity between Mill Chase students and undergraduates at the University studying Fine

The project started with the Mill Chase Academy students engaging in an artist in residence
workshop which was delivered by the art & design degree students from the University of
Chichester.  The degree students planned and delivered a workshop on the theme of
painting techniques and using these techniques Mill Chase students created the
backgrounds for the hoarding boards.

The next stage of the project involved a trip for the Mill Chase Academy pupils to the
University of Chichester where pupils experienced a day in the life of a student and were
invited to use the resources and facilities within the university art & design department to
create images for the hoarding project. These acted as starting points for further
refinements for the designs. The theme of ‘flow’ representing both the name of the school
and the idea of education as an experiential immersive flow, a learning journey brought
together imagery derived from the logos of each institution. The designs incorporated
enlargements of the pupil’s colour work and drawings over laid by a blue, water like flow of
a mill chase and stylised trees representing the wonderful listed trees that enclose the new
building and school grounds.

The whole project is a powerful example of sharing an educational experience in a way that
visually links the Academy Trust with the University through collaborative working. The
feedback on the results has been very positive.

The University of Chichester Academy Trust Chief Executive Officer, Sue Samson ‘This
project has been a wonderful collaboration between the University of Chichester and the
Academy Trust. It is great example of the collaborative nature of the Trust and the unique
benefits that come from being sponsored by a University.’

Well done to all those involved and thanks to The University Art Department Rachel
Johnston and Steve McDade for the organisation of the project.