Trust Primary Conference Day 5th September 2016

The theme of this year’s conference was Creativity in Learning, Teaching and Assessment

How do staff and their leaders encourage and legitimise spending time on thinking of ways of creatively engaging pupils in learning?  We know that outstanding teachers characteristically do that.  A head said to me once that she had loads of cooks in her school who, given the recipe book, could ‘warm up good lessons’ but she only had a few chefs who could take the same ingredients and create ‘outstanding learning dishes’ that were devoured by their pupils. 

Speaker: David Cameron

David has established himself as one of the leading educated voices in the UK and internationally. He is an inspirational and entertaining presenter and a highly engaging and effective facilitator.

Conference presentation:  David Cameron's presentation

David led us through the day. He made us laugh, he made us cry and he certainly made us think. David provided many interesting ideas and challenged many ways of doing things but he was also clear that we should ‘adapt and not adopt’. We should not throw away the old and paint over the wet wall, we should use his stimulus to reflect on what we do and consider whether trying new things will add value to learning experiences of children and of staff.

Feedback from day:

‘Informative, thought provoking and fun!’

‘Good start to the academic year’

‘David Cameron was excellent’

‘Excellent to meet all schools in the Trust’

‘Encouraging and Inspiring’

‘I now feel part of a world, not just an island’