The Legacy Project is an extended, extra-curricular task designed to encourage teams of students, from years 7-9, to respond creatively to a given theme.  Studentsat Mill Chase were invited to be part of the project based upon their exemplary attitude to learning, and their positive engagement with school.  
The theme for the project this year is 'Plastic Planet' and the students will have control over the direction that the project will take.  They are limited only by their own  creativity and can shape the project however they wish – make a documentary; create a sculpture; design a public service campaign; write, illustrate, and publish a short  story – the choice is up to the students!     This is a unique opportunity for the invited students to explore beyond the curriculum and develop a range of lifelong skills, such as team work and leadership, time  management, and demonstrating their commitment to achieving a goal. There has been a hive of activity and an abundance of innovative ideas during sessions so far and we look forward to seeing the students' outcomes later this year.