Christmas is always an exciting time for our academies, and Fernhurst Primary School’s "Aladdin Trouble" and "The Very Hopeless Camel" were two of many festive productions enjoyed by everyone.

'With two weeks, two productions and five performances to perfect, the month of December is all about rehearsals, learning lines, costumes, programmes, lighting and box office.  This year Classes 3 to 6 performed “Aladdin Trouble”, the traditional pantomime tale of a young boy on a race to capture the magic lamp.  Full to bursting with larger than life characters including the outrageous Widow Twanky, the beautiful Princess Jasmine, the magical Genie, the evil Abanazar and his trusty rhyming sidekick Wantu, it was an outstanding production full of booing and hissing, cheering and laughter, not to mention a bit of “he’s behind you”!

'Meanwhile, our younger children performed a heart-warming traditional Christmas tale interlaced with the story of a very lovable but very hopeless camel that has no sense of direction and keeps on getting lost! After a series of misadventures and a lot of ‘hrumphing’, it is quite by chance that he arrives in Bethlehem, where he meets Baby Jesus and it is this meeting that changes his life forever!  Full of catchy songs, that we will all be singing for months to come, great costumes and special moments, it was a truly memorable performance of “The Very Hopeless Camel".'

The wonderful photos were taken by Kitty Aycinena