3 x Non-Executive Directors: University of Chichester Multi-academy Trust

The University of Chichester Multi-Academy Trust is currently seeking 3 additional Trustees to help steer the Trust through the next phase of its development as it grow from 12 to 30 academies. The Trust is seeking to add powerful momentum to the progress of its family of academies through a shared aspirational vision and inclusive ethos where pupil progress and development of outstanding teachers are at the heart of its work. The Trust’s approach is that all schools are different and can take different routes on their journey to excellence.

Role Specification

The Trust is looking to recruit three individuals who can bring strategic vision, passion and experience to our Board. Preferably, the candidates will have experience of managing or working within a new and growing organisation. The candidates must have a passion for education and be keen to develop the Trust as it enters the next stage of its development.

Trustees will be expected to commit an average of 4- 8 hours a month. Board meetings are held five times a year and are held either at the University of Chichester campuses in Chichester or Bognor or at Trust Academies which are in Portsmouth, Chichester and Hampshire.

Core competencies

We are seeking three experienced professionals with one or more of the following core competencies

o   School improvement – either as a Head, Ofsted Inspector or national adviser

o   Finance – either as a Finance professional, entrepreneur or a Non-executive Trustee/Director

o   Data protection – with experience of leading on data protection and with some knowledge of GDPR

o   Human Resource Management

o   Change management

o   Strategic leadership

o   Buildings/premises strategic oversight

About the Trust

The University of Chichester Multi-academy Trust was set up in 2013 by the University of Chichester which has a long track record of working in partnership with schools and developing expertise in education. A focussed review of the Trust by Ofsted in July 2017 stated that the quality of education in the trust’s schools is improving rapidly. Trustees and officers share a strongly held view that each school is unique and should develop their individual identity. The Trust now has 10 academies with two more due to join on 1 October 2017. Our academies are all within a geographical area covering West Sussex, Hampshire and Portsmouth.

The Trust’s vision is for all young people to be inspired by an excellent education that raises their aspirations and enriches their lives.

The Trust’s mission is to create a vibrant inclusive aspirational family of academies, transforming life chances for pupils through excellent teaching and learning.

The Trust’s values, which underpin our work, are:

o   Aspirational

o   Inclusive

o   Collaborative

o   Dynamic

o   People focused

o   Evidence based

The Trust works closely with colleagues from the University to improve educational outcomes for children and young people and aims to provide the highest quality learning environment for pupils and staff. The Trust shares the University’s mission of creating a vibrant, inclusive and aspirational family of academies, transforming life chances for pupils through excellent teaching and learning.

The key challenges facing the Trust over the next 12 months are to build on the recent Ofsted inspections and further improve our school improvement offer to our schools as they move along their journey to excellence. And to develop a financially sustainable growth model.

Governance structure


The Trust is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity which is regulated by the Department for Education.

There is an Executive team of three, led by Sue Samson the CEO, and supported by a central team based at the Bognor campus. The Trust also has access to experts within the University and from our schools who are seconded to the Trust as required.

Current Board of Trustees

The Board is chaired by Jane Longmore, Vice Chancellor of the University of Chichester.                                                                                     

The Board comprises fourteen Trustees made up of externally appointed individuals with commercial experience and University colleagues with educational expertise. Further details may be found on our website

University of Chichester Academy Trust Board | The University of Chichester Academy Trust

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this role please send your CV together with a covering letter to Helen Turner, Company Secretary, at h.turner@chi.ac.uk or call 01243 793500 if you require more information.

The University of Chichester Academy Trust believes that everyone has the right to be treated equally and that the diversity of individuals and groups should be embraced, valued, and respected.  The Trust is committed to eliminating any form of discrimination be it direct, indirect, harassment or victimisation and to deliver and comply with its legal obligations detailed in the Equality Act 2010. 

Application deadline

The closing date for applications is 3 November 2017.